I hoped that I never would be forced to create this page. But I have to publish this information to prevent other honest collector to be a victim of this cheaters:


Shailam Khajanchi


ADDRESS: SHAILAM KHAJANCHI, 18/1 Usha Ganj Chawani, Indore (M.P.), India 452001

We came to agreement to send coins altogether in November 2011. He received mine, as he told me about. When I asked about his part of deal, he proposes to make second swap immediately, explaining this is the way to save some shipping money for him. I was impressed by his impudence, and as soon as he realized that I will not send anything to him, he aborts connection


Connor Richards

United kingdom

ADDRESS: CONNOR RICHARDS, Mountview, Lomax road, Hednesford, Cannock, staffs, WS12 4BU, United kingdom

We agreed to make swap in September 2010, through registered mails. I sent my coins to him and he received them. But then he sent coins by ordinary mail despite of previous agreement. Those mail never arrived. I ask him about the second sending for compensation of lost coins. Since this moment he never replied my messages. We contact with him on Monetastic community


Jerson R. Gonzalez

Dominican republic


ADDRESS: JERSON R. GONZALEZ, C/ 2da. No. 27, Edificio Res. Doña Lola, Manganagua, Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Republica Dominicana

This person just send me acknowledgement that my coins are received by him He told that he has send me coins, but it seems that he did nothing. Anyway he stopped to reply my messages after receiving my coins and telling me about that. This unsuccessful swap attempt took place at February 2009.


Aimee Carrasquero



ADDRESS: AIMEE CARRASQUERO, Urbanizacion Coromoto - Calle 162 Numero 41-113 - San Francisco - Maracaibo - Estado Zulia - Venezuela

She told me that send coins to me, and I have send coins to her too. Nevertheless I havent receive anything from her althougth therere many time is passed. This is my second bad expericence of trying have a deal with collectors from Venezuela L


Carlos Adrian



ADDRESS: CARLOS ADRIAN, Urb. "Hato Romar I", Manzana "B" - # 11, Playa Grande, Carupano - Estado Sucre, Venezuela

We came to agreement to send coins one time together in January 2005. I sent him coins and after I have informed him about that he didnt reply any my messages



Juliano de Oliveira Martins



ADDRESS: JULIANO de OLIVEIRA MARTINS, Av. Ivo Trevisan 1011, Bloco 7 Apartamento 16, Sumare - SP Brazil, Cep 13170-090

We have agreed about swapping in the beginning of June 2004. I sent him coins and he replied that received them. After my long waiting of this package he said that if I would not receive his coins untill the end of July I would to contact him. Since that July I have tried to send him requests several times but he never reply anymore



Andres Slachevsky

USA / Paraguay


ADDRESS: ANDRES SLACHEVSKY, 13218 S.W. 131 St., Miami, Fl 33186, USA

This man introduce himself to live in Paraguay. In February 2004 we come to an agreement to send coins one time together. When our deal came to the stage of exchanging of addresses he suddenly send me address in USA. He told me that this address belongs his friend who travels much and could deliver him my coins (to Paraguay). The name of this friend was the same as his own name. This time I already began to think bad but anyway I send coins to the given address since we come to an agreement. He never replies my messages after my information about sending coins to him, and therere no coins from him. I think he is a American cheater without any links with Paraguay



Gonzalo Ribera



ADDRESS: GONZALO RIBERA, Cramer 4334, 1429 Capital Federal, Argentina

We have contacted in July 2003, then I sent him several coins. He had have to send me coins too. About a month ago he report that he received coins from me. But I didnt receive anything. I sent him several messages but he replied after only 5-7 e-mail and promise to send coins again. It was in November 2003 but I still wait for a coins from this man. He never contact me or ask about delivering his coins since this time, so I decide to include this man in my list of the Bad swappers



Bedrija Vilic

Bosnia and Herzegovina


ADDRESS: BEDRIJA VILIC, Hadzeli 14, 71240 Hadzici, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I send him a lot of coins but receive nothing from him. He doesnt reply my e-mails. Some times ago I contact with Erwin Lauwers, coin collector from Belgium, who tells me that Bedrija Vilic have cheated not only me. The information about this dishonest person you can see in other BLACK LISTS, for example:

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